About me


How I got here

How I got here

How I got here

I always ate everything and a lot of it. I was blessed with a metabolism that, when I was an adolescent, allowed me to eat about a pound of chocolate chip cookies before dinner, eat thirds, then eat all the leftovers that my mother invariably scraped onto my plate after everyone else had left the table. 

"Here, clean these up," she would say. 

I weighed 98 pounds.

I grew to normal proportions eventually, but the appetite lasted more or less until I turned 50. 

So, I had a reason to learn to cook at an early age.

(Above photo taken in a large goofy chair in Corolla on the North Carolina Outer Banks.)


Who I am

How I got here

How I got here

I am a former newspaper journalist from Pennsylvania who found a home in the computer anti-virus industry when it was full of energetic start-up companies. I did a lot of technical writing and eventually became a malicious Web site analyst and blogger for Earthlink, Sunbelt Software and AVG. Through it all I've had a serious hobby interest in cooking and baking. Those things seems to have taken over my retirement.

I spent six years in the U.S. Navy as an electronic technician on diesel submarines. That not only gave me the ability to be comfortable in little tiny spaces full of pipes, but it also took me to some other countries where I found wonderful food and drinks.

We can have adventures in foreign lands, but we can have just as much fun without going far from home if we pay attention to the little things, like recipes, foods and drinks and try to find where they came from.

I make my home in Carlisle, Pa., with Herbert, a miniature  poodle; Dilly, a shih tzu;  Dolce Gabbana, a large fuzzy cat and relatively patient wife, Linda.

(Above photo take in Hotel-Restaurant Becher next to the Neanderthal Museum, Mettmann, Germany).


If you'd like to contact me please send email to: PaFoodLife@gmail.com